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Anti-Virus Program
A computer program made to discover and destroy all types of computer viruses.

This refers to the amount of information that can flow thought a connection between the internet and a computer in a given period of time. Most home computers connect via a modem and the public telephone system. This is the slowest form of connection and a lot of users now prefer to use the faster service provided by cable, or DSL connections

A commonly used acronym for binary digit, the smallest piece of information a computer can use. A bit is expressed as one of two values – a 1 or 0, on or off.

Bit Depth
The number of bits assigned to each pixel on a monitor, scanner or image file. Most systems can now handle 24bit, or up to 16.7million, colors, In contrast the GIF file format can only support eight bit color, or 256 different hues.

In web terms: A link to a particular web site, stored (bookmarked) by a web user for future use and easy access.

An application that is used to access the World Wide Web across the Interet. The most widely used browsers are Micorsoft’s Inernet Explorer and Netscape’s Navigator. There are differences between the way that browsers displays Web pages.

A web browser or web server feature which stores copies of web pages on a computer's hard disk.

Computer Virus
A computer program that can harm a computer by displaying messages, deleting files, or even destroying the computer's operating system.

To transfer a file from a remote computer to a local computer. In web terms: to transfer a file from a web server to a web client.

File Format
The particular method used to store the digital data that makes up a computer file. Some file formats like TIFF, JPEG and WAV can be read by many different programs while others such as the Photoshop format PSD, are designed for use with an single piece of software

Software that acts as a security filter that can restrict types of network communication. Most often used between an individual computer (or a LAN) and the Internet.

HTML( Hypertext Markup Language)
A text based page description language used to format documents published on the World Wide Web and which can be viewed with Web Browsers.

An embedded link between text, pictures, buttons in a web page and other parts of the site or another website

The entire collection of connected worldwide networks, including those used solely for the Web.

Unlike the Internet, this term refers to an internal or private network. Web pages can be posted to this internal network just as easily as if they were posted to the Web. Large companies often maintain a private Web presence on their intranet.

LAN (Local Area Network)
A network between computers in a local area (like inside a building), usually connected via local cables.


A programming language devised for creating small applications (‘applets’), which can be downloaded from a Web server and used, typically in conjunction with a Web browser to add dynamic effects such as animations.

Hardware equipment to connect a computer to a telephone network Typically used to connect to the Internet via a telephone line.


An audio file format used to compress digital audio files by as much as 100 to 1. Most often used by music sites to give visitors the best possible sound while still taking into account the restriction of Web delivery.

Multimedia is a generic term used to describe any combination of sound, video, animation, graphics and text incorporated into a software product or presentation.

PDF( Portable Document Format)
A cross-platform format that allows complex, multifeatured documents to be created, retaining all text and picture formatting, then viewed and printed on any computer that has an appropriate ‘reader’ installed.

Subsidiary software for a browser or other package that enables it to perform additional functions, e.g. play sound, movies, or video

The computer's operating system like Windows, Linux, or OS X.

Adobe SystemsInc.’s proprietary page description language for image output to laser printers and high-resolution image setters.

A hardware (or software) system that directs (routes) data transfer to different computers in a network.

Search engine
An indexing program that allows users to input search terms and locate a list of pages and websites that contain a reference to the search term

RAM( Random Access Memory)
The memory ‘space’ made available by the computer, into which some or all of an applications code is loaded and remembered while you work with it. Generally speaking, the more, the better. Imaging software such as Photoshop needs up to five times the size of the files that you are working on to process images.

RGB( Red Green Blue)
The primary colors of the additive colour model used in video technology computer monitors and for graphics such as for the Web and multimedia

Some people want to use the power of their computer to create works of art, others want to create music, or play games, surf the web, or play the stock market. Whatever you want to do with your computer, software is the key to doing it.


The action of sending multiple unwelcome messages to a newsgroup or mailing list.


Computer software hidden in a computer with the purpose of collecting information about the use of the computer.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
The unique address of a page on the Web comprising in three elements: the protocol to be used (such as http), the domain name (‘host’), and the directory name followed by pathnames to any particular file. URL is the formal term that refers to the Web address of a specific Website.

Web safe
Color that will not be changed when an image is optimized for the Web.

A digital audio file format that can be integrated into most multimedia and Web productions

WWW (World Wide Web)

A global network of computers using the internet to exchange web documents.


A compressing format for computer files. Commonly used for compressing files before downloading over the Internet. ZIP files can be compressed (ZIPPED) and decompressed (UNZIPPED) using a computer program like WINZIP.

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